Managing More with Less Using HPE StoreEver TapeAssure Software

Managing More with Less Using HPE StoreEver TapeAssure Software

HPE StoreEver TapeAssure software delivers the most advanced yet simplified approach to tape library management available today.

Designed exclusively for HPE tape libraries, TapeAssure software reduces risk by proactively and predictively managing the health of your entire tape environment. It improves ROI by optimizing current tape resource utilization and future investment. And it enhances productivity with automated, centralized management and easy to use reporting.

More data is being protected and retained on tape than ever before. But the budgets and resources to manage that data throughout its lifecycle are not keeping pace. Managing your tape infrastructure in an efficient way that reduces risk, contains cost and improves productivity has never been more important. Let’s take a closer look at how HPE StoreEver TapeAssure software can help your organization manage more with less.

HPE TapeAssure provides StoreEver customer with advanced monitoring of their HPE tape drives and media. TapeAssure monitors for potential problems before they occur rather than troubleshoot after they occur. TapeAssure supports the full StoreEver LTO based product range from standalone autoloaders to enterprise libraries.

TapeAssure brings you these features:

  • Drive health – write/read quality levels, key drive life indicators and any service actions
  • Drive performance – host and media transfer rates and compression ratios
  • Drive utilization – the time the drive is in use as a percentage of real time
  • Tape health – effective capacity, key tape life indicators and any service actions
  • Tape utilization – write and read data volumes and capacity used
  • Alerts – email notifications of drive and tape characteristics that fall below HP recommended standards based upon in-depth analysis

With TapeAssure, you can achieve these benefits:

  • Find out which drives are being used how much
  • Find out which tapes are being used and how much
  • Tune the configuration of their systems
  • Justify an increase in capacity when needed
  • Maintain their equipment with minimum disruption
  • Know about issues before hard failures occur – and what to do about them
  • Be confident in the quality of their backup or archive data

TapeAssure vs. TapeAssure Advanced

We offer two versions of TapeAssure based on your specific needs. Use this chart to help you decide if you want to upgrade to the TapeAssure Advanced version.

What is new with TapeAssure?

We recently announced updated pricing for the HPE StoreEver TapeAssure Advanced licenses supported on the HPE MSL Tape Libraries, including MSL6480, MSL2024, MSL4048 and the tape autoloaders. This makes the decision to upgrade to TapeAssure Advanced easier to afford on your path to a better tape environment.

Want to learn more?

Head here for more information on TapeAssure:

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