Simple Data Protection for SMBs

Simple Data Protection for SMBs

HPE StoreOnce and StoreEver data protection solutions for SMB customers provide reliable and affordable backup and recovery that is simple to manage, whatever the size of your IT department.

As a small or medium-sized business, the amount and types of data that you own will continue to grow so it’s critical that you have a reliable solution for protecting your data, especially when the average cost of downtime is $75,000 USD per hour1. Why? Because a full 62 percent of SMB customers experience data and security breaches, leading to system downtime, reduced productivity and permanent data loss2

Amid these challenges, customers often have these questions: 

  • Can I find a data protection solution that fits my budget?
  • How easy will it be for my IT staff to run backups and restores?
  • How reliable will my data protection solution be?

Worry no more 

Our data protection solutions for SMBs provide reliable and affordable backup and recovery that is simple to manage by helping you:

  • Employ data deduplication that reduces the amount of data that must be backed up, stored, replicated and recovered
  • Streamline the backup environment, including integration with backup software applications so that backup and recovery can be managed inside those familiar applications
  • Give the flexibility to deploy both virtual and physical backup appliances
  • Deliver backup and recovery automation that is simple enough for an IT generalist to manage

Unveiling HPE’s data protection solution for SMBs

HPE StoreOnce Systems offer several data protection options catering to your SMB requirements. You can select from physical appliances like HPE StoreOnce 3100, StoreOnce 3520, and StoreOnce 3540 or opt for HPE StoreOnce Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA)3, a virtual data protection solution. StoreOnce systems deliver automated, hands-free, industry-leading fast backup that consolidates protection of multiple servers or storage appliances to a single backup appliance.

Leveraging the StoreOnce deduplication technology, you can backup more data in a smaller footprint — leading to a 10x to 20x increase in backup capacity depending on the data being protected, the frequency of backups and the length of backup retention. You can also reduce your backup costs and simplify your backup environment with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst data reduction software that deduplicates data before it is transferred to a StoreOnce virtual appliance or physical backup system. Customers can also cost-effectively replicate data to or from remote locations as well as between physical and virtual StoreOnce instances for an additional level of protection.

Integrated data protection is key

Use StoreOnce as a backup target in conjunction with backup software such as HPE VM Explorer or Veeam Backup & Replication and get the benefits offered by these backup software solutions.

Managed by an easy-to-use web interface, HPE VM Explorer provides a flexible and affordable data protection solution with low CPU capacity requirements and image-based replication to a secondary server on Amazon S3 or OpenStack®.

Another option is Veeam software that integrates with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst software to allow IT administrators to manage both the backup process and deduplication of data directly from within their backup software interface of choice. 

What about long-term retention?

For the lowest cost retention, HPE StoreEver tape media, tape drives, autoloaders and MSL libraries (such as HPE StoreEver MSL 2024 and MSL 4048 Tape Libraries) are ideal for SMBs. HPE StoreEver Archive Manager Software and HPE StoreEver Archive Migrator Software combine the access benefits of flash with the economics and long-term retention benefits of tape so you can affordably keep more data longer and more easily accessible.

As you consolidate your data onto entry storage platforms, such as HPE StoreVirtual 3200 StorageHPE StoreVirtual VSA orMSA 2042 Storage, protect against data loss with HPE data protection and retention solutions that are extremely cost-effective, reliable and simple. Combined with backup software such as HPE VM Explorer and Veeam, our data protection solutions help to protect the data and keep your business running, even when the unexpected happens.

Learn more about simple and affordable data protection for small and medium sized businesses.

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