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Fujifilm Object Archive

Break free of traditional data protection models with active archiving and transform how your business manages and uses data. With Fujifilm Object Archive software you can migrate data from any S3 source to HPE StoreEver LTO tape for low cost, almost infinitely scalable, archival storage.

Why Object Storage?

Object storage is a method of storing data in discreet units, known as ‘objects’. An object storage system combines all the elements of data that make up a file, adds all its relevant metadata, and attaches a custom identifier so that the object is uniquely identifiable. Once created, objects are kept in a single, universal storage space and are not structured as files inside other folders or directories. 

A powerful combination for tomorrow's storage challenges

Active archives can accommodate different storage tiers but there may still be barriers to information being used freely and fully if some of the data is in object storage while other datasets are archived in a file-based system. The answer is to find a way to leverage the benefits of object storage via a platform that offers low cost, scalability, maximum security and environmental sustainability. That solution is HPE StoreEver LTO tape systems with Fujifilm Object Archive.

Object Archive

Fujifilm Object Archive Software
Object Archive is a software application based upon a new tape format for object storage called OTFormat, developed by Fujifilm. OTFormat allows for objects and metadata to be efficiently written and read to and from tape in native form.

HPE StoreEver LTO Tape
HPE StoreEver tape is effective for storing mission-critical data that cannot be stored in a cloud environment, and in particular for storing large amounts of data that would be more expensive to store in the cloud or on disk.


Benefits of HPE StoreEver with Object Archive

Economic and environmental
With slowing HDD capacity growth and increased focus on energy and power consumption, it makes more economic and environmental sense to store data on HPE StoreEver tape in a format where it can be readily accessed but remain offline and ‘depowered’ until it is required.

Fuji’s OTFormat enhances speed and performance by packing multiple objects together for efficient, cost-effective performance.

Secure version control
Using Object Archive software, files are automatically versioned when data is edited. When a file is infected with malware, it is possible to restore it to the previous version stored on the tape.

Eliminates API's and gateways
Object Archive was specifically created to eliminate the traditional barriers of the incompatibility between file-based tape and object-based storage systems and the clunkiness of attempts to connect them via APIs and gateways.

Migrate from any S3 source
Object Archive lets you migrate data effortlessly from any S3 data source, whether that’s in the cloud or on-premises disk-based storage, to HPE LTO Ultrium data cartridges stored in your HPE StoreEver tape library.

Combine different datasets
Object Archive uses Amazon Glacier storage class to represent the data that is written to tape. It allows users to combine different datasets easily because all data is preserved in a common object format. 

Easy to use with existing tools
Object Archive with OTFormat works in parallel to your active archive software, the data mover that controls what, how and when information is processed. As such, it is an enabling tool rather than a replacement for the software applications that your teams are already familiar with.

Complement your cloud
With Object Archive as the enabler, HPE StoreEver tape now speaks the language of the cloud, allowing hybrid environments with a mixture of on-premises, off-premises and tape, to be fully integrated.

Object Archive In Action

Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Object Archive software empowers companies to archive long-term content while providing air gap data protection at minimal costs. With Object Archive, M&E companies can turn their attention to creating assets rather than to managing their data.

Healthcare and Research

Healthcare and Research

In the healthcare and life sciences sector, patient and/or research data is typically stored for many years. Object Archive software futureproofs your highly confidential data with reliable, open-format tape so that healthcare facilities can focus on treating patients, and researchers can focus on their primary operations.

Government and Legal

Government and Legal

With features such as multi-copies to tape, file versioning, and air gap, Object Archive software provides effective data security and a secure chain-of-custody to meet regulatory requirements and avoid ransomware attacks.

Video Surveillance and Security

Video Surveillance and Security

Object Archive software can reduce video storage TCO by up to 86%* by using cost-efficient HPE StoreEver tape. Video surveillance and security companies may now leverage the advantages of tape storage and explore allocating more towards business expansion.

Cloud and Managed Service providers

Cloud and Managed Service providers

Object Archive software offers numerous opportunities to CSPs and MSPs to widen their service portfolio by adding a long-term archive storage tier as a service for cold data. This tier, compatible with S3 cloud storage technology, is highly configurable, multi-tenant, and low cost, as well as being very secure against the threat of cyberattack.



Object Archive is designed to manage and secure sensitive financial data for archival to tape. This archive tier is an optimal platform for storing long-term compliance driven data securely with a long-term retention.

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