Shrink the cost of archiving data!

You could potentially save 86% over ten years by using HPE StoreEver tape versus all-disk or all-cloud alternatives.

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Save more data, for longer, for less

Although the cloud may have a very low barriers to adoption, it’s clear that businesses need to consider the longer term cost impact very carefully. Cloud service fees are a rental charge that needs to be paid, month after month, year after year, even before the typical extra charges for data retrieval. Using HPE StoreEver tape to reduce the total cost of storing less frequently accessed, but important data, can free up budget for other investments and alleviate pressures on operational budgets and cost centres.

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Lowest cost of ownership for archiving

Find out more about why HPE StoreEver LTO tape is the most cost effective storage tier.

HPE StoreEver tape storage

HPE StoreEver tape storage

Place your archive data on the most cost effective storage tier

With archive stores averaging 3 PB and archival data growth rates reaching 40%, there has never been a better time to reassess the value of HPE StoreEver.

ESG analyst viewpoint

ESG analyst viewpoint

A leading analyst delivers their verdict on tape TCO

ESG analysed the ten-year TCO of HPE StoreEver and found that an organisation can achieve 92% cost savings over costs incurred when using the public cloud.

HPE Services

HPE Services

HPE Services goes beyond traditional support by enabling direct access to product-specific specialists and providing general technical guidance to help customers not only reduce risk, but also continually search for ways to do things more efficiently. HPE Services Customers can get help through multiple channels that include telephone, HPE moderated forums with defined response times, automated incident logging, and a real-time chat facility. This helps reduce the cost of ownership for your HPE StoreEver tape system by allowing you to optimise performance and provide a speedy resolution in the event of unforeseen issues.

HPE Financial Services

HPE Financial Services

Although many businesses are looking to upgrade or purchase new tape equipment, you may face challenges investing in new capital expenditure (CAPEX) projects and/or have cashflow limitations that prevent projects from moving forward. But with HPE Financial Services (HPEFS), there is an easy alternative to financing new HPE StoreEver equipment. One that won’t overstretch cashflow or require you to find capital upfront. And in some cases, a flexible finance solution from HPEFS could cost less over the full term than actually buying the equipment! 

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