TFinity and beyond!

TFinity and beyond!

In today’s BURAmeter, I want to take a closer look at two recent additions to the HPE Enterprise Tape Solutions family.

The two new models are the HPE T950 and HPE TFinity® ExaScale Edition tape libraries that HPE is reselling from Spectra Logic.

The importance of tape for archiving

Although the role of tape has undoubtedly changed in recent years, it remains a key part of the data protection continuum as the pre-eminent archival technology.

  • Data is growing at 40% per annum but budgets remain flat.
  • 90% of growth is unstructured data ill-suited to deduplication.
  • 80% of unstructured data is rarely accessed after 90 days.
  • But it still needs to be retained for compliance, retrieval or monetization.

Introducing the HPE T950 and HPE TFinity ExaScale Edition

The HPE T950 and HPE TFinity ExaScale Edition libraries significantly reduce staff involvement, affordably scale in terms of capacity and throughput and deliver the best Total Cost of Ownership of any enterprise tape solution available in the current market.

Who should consider these libraries?

The HPE T950 and HPE TFinity ExaScale Edition tape libraries are suited for enterprise organisations that:

  1. Need to consolidate backup to a single device.
  2. Require a scalable archive solution to satisfy long-term retention and compliance requirements.
  3. Forecast their data growth to exceed more than the 8.4 PB of storage capacity in their automated tape device.

HPE T950 key features and benefits

The HPE T950 tape library combines field-proven reliability with storage innovation, giving customers access to a full suite of enterprise capabilities. It delivers powerful library management, superior and proactive data integrity administration, and the best total cost of ownership of any tape solution.

  • 1-8 frames.
  • HPE T950 can be configured for either 50-10,020 LTO slots or 45-7,614 TS11x0 technology slots, to store over 190 PB^ of compressed data ( ^ assuming 2.5:1 compression using TS11x0 technology). 
  • Mixed media support is not available.
  • Up to 120 drives to transfer data at a rate of 129.6 TB/hr. (324 TB/hr. compressed assuming 2.5:1 ratio) using LTO-7 tape technology.
High availability
  • Redundant power supplies. 
  • Global spare drive option.
  • Optional Assisted Self Maintenance Kit (ASM) for on-site parts replacement.
BlueScale® Management
  • Easy management access on front panel or remotely via web-browser.
  • Hardware health monitoring.
  • Straightforward reporting through BlueScale® library lifecycle management.
  • AutoSupport Log capabilities.
  • Built-in BlueScale® encryption.
  • Hardware based encryption using HPE ESKM (LTO only).
  • Ideal for archiving cold or active data with a media shelf-life of up to 30 years.
  • Lowest cost per gigabyte for longer term storage.
  • Portable, high density storage.
  • LTFS for ease of use and assured interchange.

In terms of key customer benefits, the HPE T950 tape library is designed and built to help Enterprises reduce risk and increase resilience for data integrity, data security and high reliability.  The Assisted Self Maintenance (ASM) program, Proactive Management and reporting tools ensure optimal system availability, while the T950's ability to operate either LTO-6/LTO-7 or TS11x0 tape technologies mean that organizations can develop customized workflows for every situation. 

HPE TFinity ExaScale key features and benefits

In addition to the HPE T950 tape library, HPE has also launched the HPE TFinity ExaScale Edition which offers enormous scalability to keep pace with unpredictable data growth, combined with speeds necessary to meet requirements of the most demanding environments. 

From 50 to 53,460 LTO slots, customers can consolidate and store over 801 PB of compressed enterprise data (assuming 2.5:1 compression using LTO-7 drives).  By using innovative “shelves” instead of slots, and TeraPack® containers in place of individual cartridges, HPE’s TFinity ExaScale Edition industry-leading density can deliver up to a 50% reduction in data center floor space versus other suppliers' models.

Find out more about these new enterprise tape library offerings using the links and resources below!

HPE T950 on
HPE TFinity on

* Assumes 2.5:1 compression

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