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Lowest cost of ownership for archiving

Find out more about why HPE StoreEver LTO tape is the most cost effective storage tier.


Place your archive data on the most cost effective storage tier

With archive stores averaging 3 PB and archival data growth rates reaching 40%, there has never been a better time to reassess the value of HPE StoreEver.

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ESG Analyst Viewpoint

A leading analyst delivers their verdict on tape TCO

ESG analysed the ten-year TCO of HPE StoreEver and found that an organisation can achieve 92% cost savings over costs incurred when using the public cloud.

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Use tape to reduce cost, increase security and take advantage of new innovation

The Tape Storage Council, which includes HPE and other leading tape vendors, has issued this new report to highlight the current trends, usages and technology innovations occurring within the tape storage industry. LTO tape continues to expand its offerings and reach, and its growth has been fueled by more than a decade of significant technological development. This trend shows no signs of letting up. Steady technology improvements mean LTO continues to provide the optimum blend of lowest cost, highest capacity, fastest data transfer rates, and outstanding reliability for archival storage.

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100 million cartridges shipped and still going strong!

The LTO logo specification is an important benchmark, but when it comes to the quality of data protection, HPE knows – from decades of supporting a huge installed base of tape customers – end users seek assurances of reliability that go further still. That’s why HPE has extra requirements, unique to its own brand of media, to complement the industry standard with a gold standard for quality and reliability.

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New Security Challenges for SMB’s

In this Technical Paper we discuss how small to midsize businesses (SMBs) need to protect users and devices, wherever they are. They must secure networking, communications and data integrity, but without impeding remote workers’ productivity or creativity. This means finding comprehensive, holistic security solutions that address backup, acceptable use and data security while providing safe, usable storage for applications and custom data.

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The Value of LTO tape in Hybrid IT

People say tape is making a comeback but in all honesty, it never went away. Tape is still a billion dollar industry and a key part of the HPE storage strategy. This exciting video summarises the benefits of tape as you may never have seen them before!

Stop the spread of ransomware

How do you mount an ever present defence against an ever present danger? An LTO tape air gap makes it much harder to hijack or steal your data!

The Superparamagnetic Limit

What’s the superparamagnetic limit and why is it critical to the future of big data?

*  Source: Enterprise Strategy Group, 2020
** Estimate predicted using actual HPE LTO data cartridge shipment units 2000-2019 and current production rates, July 2019.


Our sights are set on the next 100 Million

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