Stop the spread of ransomware!

60% of organisations experienced a ransomware attack in the last 12 months *

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Leveraging tape to combat ransomware with HPE StoreEver

Leading Analyst Christophe Bertrand from ESG delivers his verdict on tape

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Building your ransomware defence

Find out more about how HPE StoreEver LTO Tape can keep your business secure.

HPE StoreEver tape storage

HPE StoreEver tape storage

Create an airgap to stop the spread of ransomware

Air gapping and tape technology offer a perfect combination to deliver proven and scalable advanced ransomware protection. This is where HPE’s StoreEver LTO Ultrium tape portfolio provides technology to effectively protect organizations’ data assets. 

ESG analyst viewpoint

ESG analyst viewpoint

Concerns about ransomware have grown massively. According to ESG research, 82% of organisations are more concerned about ransomware today than they were two years ago, and conversations about ransomware have been escalated to the executive level in 67% of these organisations. This is where tape technology can shine. Tape provides a scalable yet cost-effective answer to fending off attackers and significantly increasing the odds of recovery, even from frequent attacks. Thirty-five percent of organisations surveyed by ESG have deployed isolated recovery solutions and related storage. Tape allows air-gapping capabilities, and that’s likely why 61% of organisations leveraging isolated protection storage technologies are keeping production data on tape as a part of these solutions or will likely do so.

Tape takes aim on unprecedented data growth

Tape takes aim on unprecedented data growth

Leveraging Tape to Combat Ransomware with HPE StoreEver

The Tape Storage Council, which includes HPE and other leading tape vendors, has issued this new report to highlight the current trends, usages and technology innovations occurring within the tape storage industry. LTO tape continues to expand its offerings and reach, and its growth has been fueled by more than a decade of significant technological development. This trend shows no signs of letting up. Steady technology improvements mean LTO continues to provide the optimum blend of lowest cost, highest capacity, fastest data transfer rates, and outstanding reliability for archival storage. 

HPE Storage Media

HPE Storage Media

100 million cartridges shipped and still going strong!

The LTO logo specification is an important benchmark, but when it comes to the quality of data protection, HPE knows – from decades of supporting a huge installed base of tape customers – end users seek assurances of reliability that go further still. That’s why HPE has extra requirements, unique to its own brand of media, to complement the industry standard with a gold standard for quality and reliability. 

Ransomware Facts

60% of organisations report experiencing at least one attempted ransomware attack in the last 12 months.
60% of organisations are concerned their backups could be infected in a ransomware attack.
63% of organisations will maintain or increase their investment in tape.

Source: ‘Leveraging Tape To Combat Ransomware with HPE StoreEver’, Enterprise Strategy Group, January 2020’

*  Source: Enterprise Strategy Group, 2020
** Estimate predicted using actual HPE LTO data cartridge shipment units 2000-2019 and current production rates, July 2019.


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