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Why a tiered storage approach helps you get the most from your data

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Why use a tiered storage approach?

Too often, your options are presented as an ‘either/or’ choice between different storage technologies. But in reality, you need to consider all of them to maximise the full potential of your data in the ‘zettabyte era’.


The right storage at the right time

The constant stream of data coming in to your organisation can be challenging. Each element in HPE’s storage portfolio has a different role to play in helping you unlock the value of your data to improve processes, find new customers, support product development and create new opportunities for your business.

  • Flash for when performance matters
  • Disk is easy and efficient to deploy
  • Cloud offers scale out availability
  • Tape is the lowest cost, deepest archive
Analyst Viewpoint

Analyst Viewpoint

Christophe Bertrand and Mark Peters, senior analysts at Enterprise Strategy Group, give their opinion on why a tiered storage solution using flash, disk, cloud and tape helps you manage your data in an active archive as its volume explodes.

"HPE StoreEver tape systems provide reliability, interoperability, and the support needed for the near-real-time archive of footage from the smallest of TV shows to the biggest Hollywood blockbusters"

Keenan Mock, Senior Media Archivist, Light Iron

Using tape for active archive at scale

An active archive optimises the placement or storage of data on the most appropriate media type. It allows less time critical data to be stored on less expensive media, like LTO tape. And it eliminates the need to manually migrate data between storage systems.

Secure your defences against cyberattack

Secure your defences against cyberattack

Tape places your archive data behind a highly secure physical air gap which prevents cybercriminals from targeting your most valuable assets.

Improve your ROI

The low cost profile and scalability of LTO tape offers unrivalled ROI. Consider tape for near-line or active archive to meet the cost constraints other options can’t match.

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The ‘greenest’ storage

The fastest way to lower storage energy costs is to move low activity data from disk to tape as tape has the lowest energy cost of any storage solution.

Tape for Big Data

Tape can be used for Big Data

There is a perception that the only way to deliver deep learning analytics requires a sophisticated high-end real-time data warehouse. But not every application needs instant access. Leveraging LTO tape offers many use cases at a much more attractive cost profile than alternative storage options.

LTO has the density to cope with the zettabyte era

LTO has the density to cope with the zettabyte era

The LTO roadmap is well defined with few forseeable limits. And recent demonstrations of advanced tape protoypes show that media with capacities 30X greater than LTO-8 are achievable. These areal densities promise to deliver significant competitive advantages over HDDs for the foreseeable future.

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Choosing the right combination

Designed for all workloads using Spectra Logic T950 and TFinity libraries, StorCycle is designed to identify
inactive data and migrate it to a more affordable protected tier of storage, while leaving the data fully accessible to users.

HPE Data Management Framework

HPE Data Management Framework

For HPC and AI Linux environments, with HPE T950 and TFinity libraries. The HPE Data Management Framework allows efficient utilisation of storage infrastructure and provides a virtual storage space that appears to be unlimited in size.

QStar Archive Storage Manager

QStar Archive Storage Manager

For corporate and midsize workloads using HPE StoreEver MSL tape solutions, QStar ASM can manage a range of storage technologies such as Object Storage, and Tape Libraries, to form an efficient, safe and cost-effective Active Archive environment.

StorCycle by Spectra Logic

StorCycle by Spectra Logic

Designed for all workloads using HPE T950 and TFinity libraries, Spectra’s StorCycle is designed to identify inactive data and migrate it to a more affordable protected tier of storage, while leaving the data fully accessible to users.

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